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Banshee Squadron Residence

Starfleet Quarter, Serenity City, New Canada III


While stationed on Serenity, Banshee Squadron was quartered in a two-story apartment building directly adjacent to the Serenity Spaceport. At the front of the building is a normal street, and a heavily-planted slope behind the property slants down to the fenced edge of the spaceport tarmac. The Banshees are ten minutes from the hangars where their planes are kept.


The downstairs is divided into living space and working space. The entry is tiled and steps lead down into the living room straight in from the front door and down into the hallway leading to the offices and briefing room off to the right. A large planter filled with palms and ferns screens the living area from the entry. The ceiling in the living room is open to the second floor. The dining area is adjacent to the living room and kitchen, and a glass sliding door opens onto a wooden deck in the back overlooking the spaceport. A spiral staircase leads up to the second floor. Off to the other side of the house are offices for the CO and XO, a locker room, and the squad's briefing and mission planning room.


Upstairs, each squad member has her own bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet. A common area in the middle is filled with comfy chairs, game tables and exercise equipment. The railed balcony overlooks the living room below, and a skylight in the roof lets in plenty of light. Another spiral staircase leades to the rooftop.


The rooftop if open and flat. There is room for an urban garden, a suntanning deck, and a jacuzzi.