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Samantha "Sam" Beckett


January 7, 2348


Night's Shore Station, Pluto






5 ft. 7 1/2 in.


Classic hourglass measurements






Blonde, long, wavy

Physical Description

There is almost no external evidence that Beckett is 25% cybernetic, but a close examination of her pupils will reveal them to be electronic devices.


Although there is virtually no outward evidence that Sam is almost 25% cybernetic, she nevertheless is very self-conscious of her partial artificiality, and it has made her very sensitive about her appearance, always thinking that other people can tell she's part machine. As a result, she tends to be extremely introverted and soft-spoken when among people other than her wingmates. She can be almost incapacitated by large presses of people. When with her friends, she is relaxed and on the quiet side. Normally content to listen, she typically only speaks when she actually has something to say. Enjoys puzzle type games.

Sam was smitten with the ruggedly handsome manager of a local restaurant. They have yet to go on an actual date, but the flirtations fly fast and furious whenever they are near each other.

Psychological Quirks and Problems

Extreme shyness and lack of self-esteem. Crowds can cause anxiety attacks.


Daniel and Diane Gray, both living on Pluto. No siblings.


Lee Carter and the Banshees. Rick the ruggedly handsome El Taco manager guy. Several childhood friends including Fred Jones, Norville Rogers, and Velma Dinkley, but no longer keeps in contact with them.


None presently. Has a crush on Rick the El Taco manager. Former boyfriend Fred Rogers.


Sam does not voluntarily socializes, preferring instead to stay by herself and read.

Skills/Training/Professional Skills

In addition to providing life support, Sam's cyber-enhancements endow her with superior vision, hearing and physical coordination. A replaceable memory unit in her brain can be programmed with complete skill sets, for example, combat pilot, foreign languages, field medic. The memory download is extremely taxing on Sam, so can only be done a few times in her life, and downloading a new skill set largely erases the old one.

Primary Power/Weapons

Increased strength, heightened senses, superior hand-eye coordination.

Cybernetic Systems

Sam Beckett is approximately 25% cybernetic. Both legs and her right arm are wholly artificial, as are her eyes, nose and right ear. Right lung, kidney, liver, partial small intestine have been replaced with artificial organs. There are several tiny implants in her brain that allow her brain to operate her mechanical parts as though they were natural parts of her body. There is also a memory storage device in her brain, accessed by a tiny jack at the back of her neck.

History and Experiences Which Have Affected Character Greatly


Samantha Beckett's parents were stationed at the Night's Shore Station on Pluto. She grew up far from the light of the sun, and got to visit Earth only a few times a year. She was flying small craft at a very early age and showed an aptitude. Upon graduating from Starfleet Academy, she entered Starfleet R&D's Test Pilot program.

Sam was a Starfleet test pilot for only a few weeks when a terrible accident almost cost her her life. She was flying a testbed craft with a new co-axial warp engine design when the baffle plates ruptured and she was doused by a massive dose of Delta Rays. Her life was saved only by the numerous cyber-devices that were implanted throughout her body to replace destroyed organs. She spent almost a year in rehabilitation after the accident.

Afterwards, she re-entered active service as a Peregrine fighter pilot. She joined Banshee Squadron and flew countless missions with them during the Dominion War. Four years after the War, the Banshees split up and Sam went into Starfleet Intel and participated in several classified operations inside the Romulan Empire. The next year, Banshee Squadron was reactivated. Sam flew once again with her old wingmates in support of the USS Excalibur, and then Supply Base 901 and the USS Hornet during the Mulluran conflicts.

In May 2383, Becket briefly had her life-force removed from her physical body and placed in a crystal receptacle by a ring of mind thieves led by the notorious criminal Vincent Kelly, but her teammates apprehended Kelly and restored Beckett unharmed.

In September of that year, Sam decided to switch careers. The constant stress of combat flying and killing had become too much for her, and she wanted to do something for the betterment of those around her. She left Banshee Squadron and returned to Earth for medical training. In April 2384, she was assigned as Medical Officer aboard the small science ship USS Eternity.

Sam Beckett is considered a local hero in the outer reaches of the Sol System, with streets, parks, food, and other memorabilia named after her. For example, there is a restaurant on Ganymede where you can order a "Beckett Burger".