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Josephone "Jo" Schmidt


November 21, 2349


New Berlin, Luna






5 ft. 8 in.


Physically fit for a science geek. Could probably stand to lose a few pounds.






Blonde, short

Physical Description

Jo is a beautiful woman with a somewhat Nordic look, with a short mop of blonde hair and blue eyes.


Jo is very intelligent, strong willed, committed, and occasionally obsessive about her work. Very loyal to the team. Tends to let her heart rule rather than her head but does it out of love for what she does. Kind. Can be scatterbrained or absent-minded when preoccupied with a scientifically interesting problem. Her friends call these her "blonde moments".


Lee Carter and the Banshees.


None presently. Science officer Thule of the Eternity has a crush on her, but she hasn't decided if she wants to begin a serious relationship with him yet.


Nothing makes Jo happier than tinkering with a new piece of technology or puzzling over a new scientific theory.

Skills/Training/Professional Skills

Small craft combat piloting. Ph.D.s in Quantum and Warp Physics, Metalurgy, Biology and Mathematics. Very knowledgeable in many other fields including Stellar Cartography, Exo-archeology, Languages, and holds a Class 4 Computer Rating.


To learn.

Special Abilities

Jo has a General IQ of 195. (The average human IQ is between 85 and 120.) She intuitively masters new things.

History and Experiences Which Have Affected Character Greatly


Josephine Schmidt, or "Jo", was born in New Berlin, Luna. She has an exceptionally high IQ and has several degrees. She often functions as Banshee Squadron's 'Science Officer'.

Because of the high demand for pilots during the Dominion War, Jo was recruited into the Banshees straight out of the Academy despite her training in the sciences thanks to her excellent flight scores while a member of Nova Squadron. The Banshees were disbanded following the war, so she returned to her first love, science, and served for a few months aboard a small science ship charting stellar drift. When the summons came the next year to regroup with her old wingmates, she jumped at the chance, which was all the more tempting to her when she heard they would rendezvous with the USS Excalibur, assigned to explore the far end of the Alpha Quadrant.

After their tour of duty on the Excalibur was completed, the Banshees were reassigned to Supply Base 901 beyond the Briar Patch. While there, Jo was responsible for discovering a new form of life on a small planetoid in the region. She and Sam Beckett whimsically named the new life form "Smelly Jelly", after its predominant physical characteristic. In 2383, Jo discovered artifacts left behind by the Ancients on the planet Kurnugi on the other side of the Black Gate. Through her research, she discovered an entire galaxy-spanning network of artificial wormholes, including the Black Gate and the Guardian of Forever.

In 2384, she accepted a promotion to Chief Science Officer of the USS Eternity.