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Absalom West










6 ft. 1 in.


Moderately muscular from hard work as opposed to deliberate exercise


Caucasian, somewhat tanned and leathery


Blue-gray, friendly, wrinkles when he smiles


Brown, on the long side because he always waits too long between haircuts

Physical Description

Ruggedly handsome, usually has a 5-o'clock shadow growing on his chin. Typically attired in denim pants and pastel shirt. Old Starfleet issue boots.


West is gregarious and exudes a casual confidence while maintaining a charming boyish innocence. He has an unquenchable belief in the ultimate good of humanity and the Universe, although both are occasionally marred by pockets of great evil. He has the uncanny ability to 'fit in' with any crowd, whether he be surrounded by Bolian shopkeepers, Klingon warriors, or anything in between. He can be flamboyant at times. In dangerous or critical situations, he always remains cool-headed, no matter how bad things get, preferring to think his way out of jams instead of using force if at all possible.

Psychological Quirks and Problems

West dislikes his first name so never tells it to anyone. Even to his friends, he's just 'West'. Only the rarest, most important individuals in his life get to know his first name.




Lee Carter and the Banshees, except for Max initially, though the two have become close recently. Commodore Rick Hunter and his wife Dee of Serenity Colony.


unknown. Though he and Lee Carter had some adventures together, they have not slept together. Recently, he and Max Vasser have become close, though how close remains to be seen.


Almost everything interests West. The universe exists for him to explore and discover, and this sometimes is the cause of trouble.

Skills/Training/Professional Skills

West is multitalented. He apparently has a broad educational background, whether from formal schooling or self-training is unknown.

Goals and Ambitions

To live happily ever after, every now and then.


A tribble hybrid named Gromit is his constant companion. Or the other way around. Depends which one you ask.


West's spaceship is the S.S. Rocinanté, an old Xenon class runabout that's been heavily modified and converted into a small cargo ship.

Primary Power/Weapons

Despite a tendency to travel in dangerous circles, West rarely carries a weapon.

History and Experiences Which have affected Character greatly

West's background is mysterious. He never uses his first name. He drifts in and out of people's lives too quickly for anyone to ever get to know very much about him. He seems to be good at almost everything, and has comprehensive working knowledge of many subjects ranging from warp physics and xenobiology to paleo-archaeology and ancient alien languages, suggesting he has had extensive schooling.

At one point in the past, West worked for Starfleet Intelligence along with his partner Claude Vasser. He still has many friends in the service, some in surprisingly high places.

West works odd jobs wherever he can get them, and when he has enough money saved he moves on to the next planet or location. Meanwhile, he has been known to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it, especially if it involves correcting some great injustice or thwarting some great evil. He is full of high-flying stories of harrowing adventures he's had in his never-ending quest to stamp out evil and right wrongs.